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John Deere Tractor Wheels/Rims


Very accurate, high quality, extreme attention to detail, correct old style rims. Why pay more for used when you could have new for less? Custom widths and diameters also available.

NEW 'G" rear round spoke wheels
Part # Price Application
G1022 $2,090.00 (set) 'G' rear rounded spoke wheels 8" x 36" rim, 3/4" spokes
G1023 $2,090.00 (set) 'G' rear rounded spoke wheels 8" x 36" rim, 7/8" spokes
G1024 $72.00 each Locking collar for rear round spoke wheels

NEW front round spoke wheels

G's were never shipped with front round spoke wheels but that does not stop collectors from installing them anyway. 'A' front wheels bolt right on and match the rear round spokes well.

Part # Price Application
A1109 $28.00 Round Spoke Wheels Hub cap - center zerk
A1107 $825.00 (pair) Front round spoke wheels

We can also re-rim your rusted out or damaged rear wheels (round or flat spoke). We can also replace spokes on round spoke wheels. We are the only place that can offer this service. High quality work, correct old style rims 1-2 month turn around. Same goes for front wheel spoke or pressed steel rim. Priming and painting not included.

$523.00 each to re-rim rear wheels - spokes $25.00 each extra, if needed

$149.00 each to re-rim front spokes - spokes $12.00 each extra, if needed

Front pressed steel wheel re-rim $149.00 each.

We also offer steel rebuilding. We can take your cut off hub and install new spokes and rivet a new steel rim on that is like the original.

$850.00 pair-Front | $1,500.00 pair-Rear

NEW sand wheels for 'G'
Part # Price Application
A1110 $330.00 each Sand wheel
A1111 $165.00 each Hub